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GlobalGiving has approved CPAR Uganda Ltd’s due diligence renewal 2020

Yesterday, 28th September 2020, the GlobalGiving Team notified us thus:

“We have approved CPAR Uganda Ltd’s due diligence renewal. CPAR Uganda Ltd can continue to fundraise on the GlobalGiving platform, receive a GlobalGiving and/or participate in a funding partner giving program.”

The GlobalGiving Team

To learn more about our work which is being supported through fundraising via the GlobalGiving’s platform and to make a donation, please do visit our project page here.

You recall that GlobalGiving:

has Vetted CPAR Uganda Ltd

Verified CPAR Uganda Ltd through a site visit to our Lira Learning Centre;

and includes CPAR Uganda Ltd amongst their top ranked partners organisations,

that are effective nonprofit organisations.

We, at CPAR Uganda Ltd, pledge, as best as we can, to continue to earn and deserve GlobalGiving’s confidence and trust in us, as well as that of our supporters and most importantly, also, that of those for whom we exist to serve.

Featured photo: One of our young innovators harvests her sukuma wiki for the market.

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