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Youth in Service Industry Providing Genuine Needs

Six of the 12 young adults participating in our “Mentoring young adults into innovators against poverty” project, and who participated in our training on how to prepare and use cash flows for income generating projects are engaged in the service industry.

The six plan to use their newly acquired skills and knowledge from CPAR Uganda on how to prepare a cash flow to enhance their businesses as follows:

Gumkit Ann Parlaker and Acio Sharon Enon confer during the training on cash flows at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre

Okello Jimmy Ezra and Gumkit Ann Parlaker plan to develop and use cash flows for their respective “shoe businesses” – basically, stocking and selling second hand shoes. Both shoe businesses are in Lira City. Similarly, Alum Vicky plans on using her new knowledge on cash flows for her second hand clothes business.

Adoch Dorah Komakech at her hair salon

As for Adoch Dorah Komakech, she vowed, “I will introduce the cash flow in m existing business – a salon for hair dressing,” which is located in Lira City. Similarly, Acio Sharon Enon intends to develop a cash flow and use it to monitor and to improve the performance of her existing business – a retail shop in Lira City. And Nyeko Emmanuel plans to do the same for his Art and Design business, which is located in Gulu City.

 Okello Jimmy Ezra at the CPA Uganda Lira Learning Centre during the training on Cash Flows

We, at CPAR Uganda, are cheering on these six young innovators and we look forward to receiving their planning documents for their businesses for our review and support.

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