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Cash flows Necessary for Income Generation

From Thursday, 21st January to Saturday, 23rd January 2021, eleven young adults participated in our training session on cash flows for income generation; a sub-session of Module 4: Initiating and Sustaining Innovations for Positive Change in Rural Uganda of our project: Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.

We learnt and practiced how to develop a cash flow for income generating projects, from start to finish. Our young innovators who participated in the training committed that they will use their new knowledge and skills as follows, in their words:

  • Start a new business of fattening cows (livestock)
  • Improve running of my existing shoe business
  • Apply it to my existing Art and Design Project
  • Plan for a poultry business, specifically determining how successful it will be before starting.
  • Use in my business of selling second hand clothes and also for my simsim (sesame) production business.
  • Implement my existing business of money lending
  • Monitor my existing retail shop business; and to start a new business of produce or poultry.
  • Introduce the cash flow in my existing hair salon business; and also use the knowledge in a new business I am planning to start up in September.
  • Apply it in my existing IT Business, as I plan to expand it – I am looking at incorporating sales of computers and accessories.
  • Develop a cash flow for my existing shoe business

The training materials were developed by Ms. Norah Owaraga, our Managing Director; and she facilitated this our first training session on cash flows for income generation. The training was hands-on, practical and it was delivered in a manner that encouraged maximum participation of each and every participant.

We had plenary sessions.

We had exercises in pairs, in small groups and individually.

Our fabulously spacious and serene CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre hosted the training; a very ideal centre, especially so in these days of the coronavirus pandemic.

19 responses to “Cash flows Necessary for Income Generation”

  1. Though I did not attend the training on cash flow but after reading it from the website I learnt that cash flow knowledge is a good thing for me to apply in my business.
    I also learnt doing record keeping, planning and budget control.
    The knowledge now has helped me access and sustain my business.
    Thanks CPAR Uganda for mentoring young adults.

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  2. I really thank Cpar Uganda Ltd for granting me such a life changing opportunity that is learning Cash flows Preparation. The knowledge I got from the training has equipped me with enough skills on how to plan and invest in my income generating project as well as how to control my budget. Back then I use to mismanagement financies like I use to find myself buying things that I had not planned thus leading to wasted of money. But after the training I can’t ever waste money again. Now days I make a list of essential things to buy before just spending money any how…Thanks Cpar Uganda Ltd for impacting knowledge in me In particular and l look forward to being an agent of positive change in my community.


  3. Ablessings to have had an opportunity of attending cash flow training by CPAR Uganda under the mentorship of Managing Director Ms. Norah Owaranga who is also known as Ijaa.
    A subject I have never chanced to attend while at school but finally benefited from it through CPAR mentoring programme. Actually through this training is where I learnt how to prepare a business cash flow which involves , planning , Budgeting , sources of in come to the
    business , management of busines and budget control .Also through this training I came to realize that most of people including myself operates business and homes without cash flow knowledge , So they are not sure whether their business are operating on losses or profit. And yet this is every important tool that makes initiating business ideas very easy since it simplifies planning, budgeting and help determine the future of the newly started business and existing one.
    The knowledge and skills I learnt from cash flow is now helping me manage my small business of money lending and and my personal spending in away that, I now praper a quarterly cash flow of my business which is helping me in determing monthly expenses on transport, facilitation to my loan officer and other expenses . It guides me and I am able to spend within my Budget. I also use check and balance at the end of every month in comparison with the Information in my business cash flow for that particular month.
    I make my business decision under the guidance of my business cash flow to avoid mismanagement of the business funds .

    Finally I keep the records of the business expenses and income to truck the business progress at the end of period in relation to business cash flow.


  4. Like anyone who would like to develop further or start up something must have a work plan! I thank the MD for CPAR Uganda for giving me and other innovators training in cash flow. From me, I now take cash flow as an important tool in prior assessing my business performance i.e. whether am making profit or loss. The cash flow training helped me to improve on my record keeping, so that I can now measure how well a business is operating: receiving cash, how the business generates cash to pay its service providers and fund its operating expenses like allowances, utility bills, and others. At the business place, the training made me to have a record book where all records of cash coming into the business and cash going out are recorded. At the end of month, we as business team do sit down and do small analysis on the records of transaction and come out with way-forward for the next month or year. The business had records noted but wasn’t doing it well, but from the cash flow training, I had to improve on financial records for the business. As, the business has been registered fully by the office of the registrar of companies Kampala, we have adopted the government ways of the financial year that ends on June-30th every year because even the tax body (Uganda revenue authority) do assess most businesses’ yearly income tax basing on the financial year. I and my colleagues at business, will soon come out with a cash flow projections and plans as the sales forecast and viability analysis to help in business sustainability.

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  5. The knowledge I got from the mentorship program for cash flows by our mentor Ms Norah Owaraga who is also managing director CPAR Uganda Ltd has actually helped me alot especially in record keeping in my shop and since then I have been able to keep my receipts for purchase of the shop and I realized it’s good thing because it became easy for me to determine the rise and fall in prices of goods and I can price the goods which are new in shop I am able to do budget plan for food and house holds materials which I have bought and I wished to get more knowledge.

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  6. Ever since I attended a training on cash flow from CPAR UG LTD mentoring program”mentoring young adults into innovators against poverty in rural Uganda”, my business have improved in a way that i am aware of how my money moves in and out of the business, this helped me in budgeting and planning and above all to check if the business am doing is really profitable and worth continuing , I am now using my knowledge elsewhere for example in my daily live before investing money anywhere, I test to know how profitable it will and if it is not that beneficial, I do not invest unlike before getting the knowledge on cash flow ,I didn’t care whether the activity I am engaging in is actually profitable or not .
    This training has also made me know that before getting in any business ,i should relay on my own savings as it’s not profitable and realistic to survive on loan where at the end of the day you will be making for the owner of the business money instead of yourself.
    Am so humbled to have a chance to be among the cohort of young adults under this mentoring program
    Thanks once again to Cpar Uganda Ltd.


  7. I thank CPAR Uganda Ltd for the training of cash flows, through it I learnt how to budget for my money and at the moment I have managed to buy one cow for myself since i want to deal in cow fattening (livestock).I know through budgeting and saving I will be able to buy more cows.

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  8. I do appreciate Cpar Uganda Ltd for equipping me the young adult with the knowledge and skills on cash flow, l have learnt how to do budgeting, planning and management skills….and looking forward to train the young adults with in my community.

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  9. I do appreciate Cpar Uganda Ltd for equipping me the young adult with the knowledge and skills on cash flow, l have learnt how to do budgeting, planning and management skills….and looking forward to train the young adults with in my community.

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  10. Cpar ug ltd has done it again, learning new skills more and more and this time have learnt how to develop a cash flow and looking forward to applying my new skills in a project am interested in and possibly transferring this skill to my community
    Looking forward to another session when next offered .

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  11. The training has indeed made a big impact on my business after putting the content of what I learnt into practice, am looking forward to attending another training when it comes around

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