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Youth in Agriculture for Food Security – Poultry and Sesame Production

Ayugi Gloria and Alum Vicky, two of the young adults participating in our “Mentoring young adults into innovators against poverty” project, have specific intentions to engage in agri-business throughout a value chain.

Ayugi plans to utilise her newly acquired skills and knowledge from CPAR Uganda on how to prepare a cash flow, to “plan for a poultry project business, specifically in determining how successful it will be before starting it.” She plans that her project will be located in her ancestral village, Tikoling Village in Kole District.

Ayugi at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre during the training on cash fows

Similarly, Alum plans to use her newly acquired skills and knowledge from CPAR Uganda on how to prepare a cash flow “on the production of simsim (sesame),” which is one of her seasonal businesses. Alum is originally from Acon B Village, Amolator Parish, Agwingiri Sub-County in Amolator District; but she is currently residing in Ireda Agali in Lira City.

Alum at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre consulting Ezra, a fellow innovator, during the training session on cash flows.

We, at CPAR Uganda, are cheering the two young ladies on on and we look forward to receiving their planning documents for their agriculture production business for our review and support.

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4 responses to “Youth in Agriculture for Food Security – Poultry and Sesame Production”

  1. The knowledge I got during the cash flow training under my lead mentor Ms Norah Owaraga has got a very good impact in my day today life since I got this I have never bought or spent money without making up my budget list and this has made me realize that I can save more money compare to those days that I would only buy things that I do come across if when they are not budgeted for, the cash flow training has also made me realize the profits or losses met during a certain period of time being it a week, a month and even in a year since the agricultural part of my business I may realize that after some period of time that may take like 6 months or even a year depending on the time sell it off


  2. I love the idea of Ayugi and Alum in doing a business which not only make money but also provide food rich protein needed for our bodies. Am ready to be your customer and support your business. All it takes is early planning before commencement then life goes on. Keep on with the ideas.


  3. I really realised through this training my hidden potentials that I didn’t know that I myself would do to bring me into a new level but am happy since the time CPAR trained me am able to plan and budget for the little resource I have instead of just spending it recklessly big thanks to CPAR Uganda and long live


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