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Testimony: Inspiring innovators and leaders with good values

CPAR Uganda is doing the needful in training young adults to be self-reliant and responsible persons in their communities. And that’s what I am looking at to achieve in my dreams – to be a person who is helpful to the community and a role model to many. You see, when someone has knowledge then that person is resourceful. However, having knowledge without putting it into practice or sharing it isn’t much helpful.

Opolo James, in training during “Module 1: Understanding Poverty In Rural Uganda” of CPAR Uganda’s mentoring programme.

As per now, I have many people in my community who consult me always on matters relating to ICT business. Five people whom I trained are now working with firms in Lira City and one is doing her own secretarial business.

I love the idea of Ayugi and Alum doing business which not only makes money but also provides food that is rich in protein needed for our bodies. Ayugi and Alum am ready to be your customer and to support your businesses. All it takes is early planning before commencement then life goes on. Keep on with the ideas.

Opolo James, hosting a fieldwork visit at their family home as part of the learning in Module 1 of the CPAR Uganda mentoring programme.

I still look forward to get more knowledge from CPAR Uganda. Thanks to the CPAR Uganda management and all the donors.

By Opolo James, Innovator

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