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Youth in IT Business as COVID-19 Pandemic Rages

Opolo James, one of the young adults who is participating in our “Mentoring young adults into innovators against poverty” project, recently had interesting stories to share of how, out of the blue, his expertise as an IT Consultant became sought after because of how the COID-19 pandemic has restructured our work and socialization spaces.

Adults who had prior shunned social media, for example, according to him, were in desperate need of his services to help them in acquiring and programming the necessary gadgets – smart phones, laptops, etc., for use in Zoom meetings and all.

Indeed, according to Opolo, his business has flourished during the past year. And he is grateful that this happened after he had participated in Module 1: Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda of our mentoring programme.

James Opolo on his bike readying to go and assist a client.

His learning from Module 1, according to him, helped him to save through minimizing his expenditure and he was able to raise sufficient funds to buy a motorbike, which has eased his work. Click here and read more about Opolo’s journey to generate savings by minimizing expenses.

Opolo is among the young adults who participated in our training on how to prepare and use cash flows for income generating projects and after the training, he pledged:

“From the lessons learnt on cash flow, I would like to apply it on my existing business so as to start something new inside my existing business. The cash flow would help me to achieve my new plans in expanding my existing business. I am looking at incorporating sales of computers and accessories.”

James Opolo, Young Innovator in Training

Opolo James at he CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre during the training on cash flows.

We, at CPAR Uganda, are cheering Opolo on and we look forward to receiving his planning documents for the expansion of business for our review and support.

3 responses to “Youth in IT Business as COVID-19 Pandemic Rages”

  1. […] Opolo James at his ICT shop at Lumumba in Lira City. He holds a Bachelor of ICT degree from Gulu University and he is a beneficiary of our mentoring programme. His ancestral village is Abukot Cell in Amolatar Town Council in Kioga County in Amolatar District; but he currently resides in Lira City. Read more about the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic positively impacted Opolo’s ICT business. […]


  2. When someone has knowledge then that person is resourceful, however having it without putting into practice or sharing it isn’t much helpful! CPAR is doing the needful in training the young adults to be self reliant and responsible perons in their communities and that’s what am looking at to achieve in my dreams, a person who is helpful to the community, a role model to many. As per now, I have many people in my community who consult me always on matters relating to ICT business and some (5) whom I trained are now working with some firms in Lira city and one doing her own secretarial business. I still look forward to get more knowledge from CPAR. Thanks to the CPAR management and all the donors.


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