We are delighted to welcome Adoch Dorah Komakech onto our project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.” She will effectively begin here journey with us on 7th January 2021 when she will participate in a training session on cash flows that will be facilitated by our lead mentor, Norah Owaraga, at our Lira Learning Centre from 7th to 9th January 2021.

Adoch  is convinced that her being flexible to adapt to different situations, combined with her professional experience and her academic achievements qualify he to be part of the team of young adult innovators that are mentored by CPAR Uganda.

She explained that after graduating from Law Development Centre with a Diploma in Law, like many young Ugandans who have attained a high level of formal schooling in the Uganda education system, she had high expectations of getting a ‘white collar job’.

However, when that did not pan out Adoch was flexible enough to accept a job as a primary school teacher, in which she was seconded by an international NGOto go a teach at a school in Madi Okollo in West Nile.

She had foresight, Adoch says, of attending evening skilling sessions, while she was a teacher and she acquired hair dressing skills as well. And she was happy to share thus:

“After my work was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (schools were closed), I am glad that I put my hairdressing skills into practice by opening a salon, which am operating at the moment.”

Adoch Dorah Komakech

According to Adoch, her salon has now been open for three months and due to her hard work, she is already beginning to establish a good customer base and is already considering hiring other human resources to work for her.

Adoch is descended from Acholi Kingdom – her ancestral village is Kitgum Matidi in Ibakara Sub-County of Kitgum District. She, however, currently resides in Lira City.

6 thoughts on “Adoch Deborah Komakech Joins Mentoring Programme

  1. I am so glad to be added to this platform and am looking forward to learning more from the mentorship and also passing on to the community of young adults where I live


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