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Beneficiary Testimony – “I became more courageous”

It is really a great pleasure to be part of the innovators team, who are benefiting from the CPAR Uganda “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty” project. When I got introduced to CPAR Uganda I became more courageous after attending training on the cash flow. It made me learn a lot and also helped me to improve on my savings, money discipline and recording in my business.

Adoch Dorah Komakech at her hair salon at Uhuru Bar in Lira City. Whereas, she lives in Kakoge A in Ojwina Division in Lira City, her ancestral village is Bobi Central in Kitugum-Matidi Sub-County in Cwaa East County in Kitgum District. She holds a Diploma in Law from the Law Development Centre, Kampala.

From the Managing Director’s field visit to me at my salon and to our home with me and my parents, I gained a lot of confidence and communication skills; and also interpersonal skills. I am looking forward to more of those field visits and working for the betterment of our community, most especially the disadvantaged unemployed educated youth.

By Adoch Dorah Komakech, Innovator

One response to “Beneficiary Testimony – “I became more courageous””

  1. The training indeed gave me courage and it as actually turned me into other people’s mentor,when am advising and encouraging them to be innovative and startup something I back myself up fully by using the cash flow training to convince them that it will help in managing whatever business they start effectively,I just give them the example of how the training has helped me in managing my saloon business and how it gives me foresight of it,since most people are always afraid of starting up businesses because of fear of incurring loses but with cash flow you can be able to see the future of your business and this way I convinced two ladies and they were very happy with the knowledge I gave them and they told me that only if I had taught them earlier,they wouldn’t have even been stressing to look for job because to them the knowledge I gave them on cash flow could even make them draw abusiness plan with a budget of 50000 and expand it properly

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