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Sarah Amongin joined mentoring programme

We are delighted to formally welcome Sarah Amongin onto our project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.” She effectively begun her journey with us in March 2021 when she was selected to be among the team of young innovators that are functioning as research assistants for the study that Dr. Ben Jones is carrying out in Teso for our research and advocacy project, “Challenging categories: Unemployed youth as institutional innovators in rural Uganda.”

Sarah’s stated personal objective, according to her curriculum vitae, is:

“Working together with other hard working persons for better results and with the mission of achieving targeted goals.”

Sarah Amongin, Innovator

She is indeed an industrious and innovative young lady, who since graduating from university has tried her hand in a multitude of things. She has worked as a teacher, a field worker, a research assistant and a business woman. Indeed, according to Sarah, post graduation from university, her attitude towards unemployment changed.

Educated youth are doing a lot of things that they did not do at the university. Most of them did things like IT, public administration; some even did education. When you see what they are doing, it is not what they did in the university. Most of them are doing businesses. Me too, myself, I did social work and social administration. When you come on the ground and see what I am doing, it is not what I studied. I have a small business in the market.  

Sarah Amongin, Innovator

Sarah is descended from the first nation of the Iteso of Uganda. She is a born of Ngora District and where she is currently residing. She is a university graduate who holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Works and Social Administration from Kumi University. In addition to her academic qualifications, Sarah’s flexibility and willingness to try and learn new things, makes her the right choice to participate in our mentoring programme.

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