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I suffer bipolar disorder & need Risperidone

“Bipolar disorder is a mental illness marked by extreme shifts in mood. Symptoms can include an extremely elevated mood called mania. They can also include episodes of depression. Bipolar disorder is also known as bipolar disease or manic depression. People with bipolar disorder may have trouble managing everyday life tasks at school or work, or maintaining relationships. There’s no cure, but there are many treatment options available that can help to manage the symptoms.”


I have got it. Every two months I have to go to hospital for review on how far I have gone dealing with bipolar depression. And boy have I come far. From a disillusioned suicidal person to just being me.

One year down the road and I still don’t fully know what depression is, but I do know what it isn’t. I refuse to let it win. I wake up everyday ready to let the devil know that he may give me hell but I own the goddam place.

I remember that time when things got really bad, my friends gave me advice, most asking what went wrong and telling me to open up if I had something bothering me. So I decided to listen to them. I opened up to my brother and mum.

My brother disclaimed what I said calling it nonsense.

My brother disclaimed what I said calling it nonsense. My mum just kept quiet and has never mentioned it to date. So, I picked up the bricks of my crumbled walls and built them high up again I realised its just me and meds.

Guys please stop the discrimination. People suffering from mental illness are not demon possessed. We just need a little love and gentle care.

By the way, someone tell the Ministry of Health that we need Risperidone in the mental sector. A lot of us can’t afford that one thousand shillings a day. And the patients in villages have no access to this medicine. As a result they keep relapsing and have to start all over again.

Elwor Adelaide, studied Industrial Arts at Makerere University Kampla and lives in Lira These photos and text herein were posted onto her Facebook wall by Elwor Adelaide. We have edited the text a little bit – writing words in full and grammar – but otherwise the original message is exactly as Adelaide posted it.

Through this post we, at CPAR Uganda, are assisting to amplify Adelaide’s voice. We beg of you who read this, please share it to your platforms so that we may get Adelaide’s message through to the MINISTRY OF HEALTH; and to the wider public.

Help us to advocate for us all to be compassionate towards those with mental ill-health.

Thank you.

3 responses to “I suffer bipolar disorder & need Risperidone”

  1. Her mother keeping quiet raises many questions; did she know what the girl was going through, because this disorder is also hereditary or was she just shocked? Usually parents try to support their children when they open up to them. I think the Government should establish medical centres which deal with mental illness in different regions of the country.

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    • Catherine, thank you for concern. We did investigate and found out that her mum in quiet way is actually helping Adelaide. CPAR Uganda has decided to find ways in which we can further help Adelaide in addition to amplifying her voice.


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