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The gift that keeps on giving from Dr. Paul David Hargrave (RIP)

We, at CPAR Uganda Ltd, would like to re-connect with the family and the descendants of the late Dr. Paul David Hargrave (1952-1998). We want to share with them how the gift that Dr. Hargrave gave us, keeps on giving.

Our Lira Learning Centre, constructed at least a decade ago, while CPAR Uganda was a country programme of the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR), blossoms.

See more photos of our Lira Learning Centre through this link

Dr. Hargrave made a significant financial contribution towards the construction of one of the buildings at our centre – the one in the fore of the picture.

Even when bad people took advantage of the first lock down in Uganda that was put in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, raided, vandalized and stole from our centre, we found some resources, including a donation from the GlobalGiving Foundation, and we were able to renovate it.

Currently we are hosting two major projects at our Lira Learning Centre:

Mentoring young adults into innovators against poverty

Challenging Categories: Educated unemployed youth as institutional innovators in rural Uganda.”

The only information that we have that may lead to us reconnecting with the family and the descendants of Dr. Hargrave is the fact that his photo, which we have, was taken by S. Hargrave on December 20, 1997 in Vancouver BC. Canada.

Thank you Dr. Hargrave. May your soul continue to rest in eternal peace, we pray.

One response to “The gift that keeps on giving from Dr. Paul David Hargrave (RIP)”

  1. Thank you Dr. Hargrave, you have sown seed in good and fertile grounds…your gift has not be invain because it has turned to be a center of knowledge and skills to face realities of life navigating through life’s challenges by applying wisdom attained from the Cpar Uganda Ltd Learning Center Lira, I believe am becoming better and better young adult including my fellow innovators who are being Mentored by Ms Norah the MD of Cpar Uganda Ltd, thank you for the precious gift, May your soul rest in eternal Glory Amen.

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