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Thank You GlobalGiving

“Congratulations! Your organization has been selected to receive a $1,000 microgrant from GlobalGiving. This is an unrestricted donation to your organization, so please use it any way that will help your team and community weather the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Miranda, Paige and the GlobalGiving Team

This came through today via email and we broke out in cheers and ululations of celebration.

You see, in May 2020, bad people took advantage of the Coronavirus COVID-19 induced lock down, and they broke into our Lira Learning Centre, which hosts our offices as well. It would appear that those bad people who did so, just wanted to scare us off our work, by maliciously vandalizing our property. We have some suspects in mind.

We think so, because, except for our solar security system, the things that the thieves took were not necessarily the ones with a high purchase value. At the same time they left highly valuable things, such as: our motorbikes, high powered generator, and assorted office furniture and office equipment.

Nevertheless, they caused major damage. Door locks drilled through and destroyed; the glass of our doors and of our widows smashed; iron bars in our doors cut through; wooden internal doors cut through; chain link fence cut through; etc.

And around about that time, we saw the call from GlobalGiving to its partner organisations to apply for micro grants to help us navigate the negative impact of the pandemic. When we looked at the application form, it was unbelievably simple and we honestly did not think we would be among the successful ones. The competition is high and there are thousands of organisations in need and applying; it must be. We took the chance, completed the application form in maximum 30 minutes, and submitted our application.

We are more than delighted that the temporary security measures that we had put in place, can now be replaced with a beefed up security system, including replacing our solar security lights with a more a high-tech solar system; and even more door locks and padlocks.


8 responses to “Thank You GlobalGiving”

  1. We are sorry to learn of the malicious damage caused to your property but at the same time privileged to congratulate you on winning the Global Giving micro grant. Congz friends in development.


    • Honestly, am not too sure about that. Out learning centre care taker and the security guards who he had reportedly deployed have gone AWOL. There phones are off and we have not yet been able to reach them in months. The young adults whom am mentoring into innovators are now the ones who are taking control and helping us with the rebuild. We don’t know if they were scared off or they colluded.


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