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Good reason social media shouldn’t be restricted

“What interests me the most is what we can do with social and digital media. The ability to promote research directly to the public, and hear their feedback, while connecting academics and their wider audiences is an unparalleled opportunity for universities.

I might not be able to persuade every academic I work with to join Twitter, but I think it’s important that those of us working in public relations are able to explain and identify the benefits of using such tools to connect with wider audiences.

If the content is good enough, your users will do the rest, and you might find out some stories via them too. We can’t rightly see a story as unsuccessful if it generates a small amount of media coverage, but creates a storm of tweets and comments.”

Kyle Christie in Blog Universities in The Guardian, 11th April 2011.

A work station in the Reading Room at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre

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