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How women reclaiming power

“You Matter: how women reclaiming their power are changing the world,” is the title of the book that Dr. Rita Jo Laker-Ojok is among the contributing authors. Rita is among the founding members of CPAR Uganda Ltd and was our first Board Chair.

According to Rita, the book, “You Matter …”, comprises personal stories of challenges overcome by women from different parts of the world, most of them working in the international arena. Learn more by watching and listening to the “You Matter Interview” with Rita and Publisher Sylvia Becker-Hill BH Books, in which Rita gives insights into the chapter that she contributed. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The book will be launched on Kindle (e-book) on 12th November 2021, with hard copy book sales to start soon after. All royalties will go to International Rescue Committee’s “give a girl a year of education.”

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