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Theoretical knowledge at university is not enough

“I studied Bachelors in Demography and Reproductive Health. With the Reproductive Health part of it, I have practical things I am required to do. Well, while at the University, I did not do any practical thing my entire years at the University. And when I joined an organization for my Industrial training, it was “hell”. I would say because practical knowledge was required, but I did not have it. I used to believe that when the time comes, I would just apply my theoretical knowledge to do the practical. But, sincerely, it was totally different. Prof. Orach is surely right when he asserts that “it isn’t enough to give learners only theoretical knowledge.”

Awino Gladys, a beneficiary of the CPAR Uganda “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty” programme.

She shared her testimony in reaction to Prof. Christopher Garimoi Orach’s thesis that it isn’t enough to give learners only theoretical knowledge.” Gladys’ testimony explains a lot of how post graduation many university graduates have major challenges blending and fitting in with the job market – and, moreover, this starts right from job interviews.

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