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Training exercise – lazy ‘money-minded’ youth

Some youth these days are living a disorderly and an idle way. In a way that some youth don’t want to do work that takes long for them to earn money. For example, they only know “hand to month,” but digging or doing other economic activities are hard.

You find someone selling land to buy a motor cycle or to marry a woman instead of making best use of the land to earn money through farming. And this has really caused disorder in the community, since there is a lot of tension and conflict over land.

To the other extent, some youth are also having some order and they are not idle, since some of them are using opportunities, by doing their own jobs, like business. And some of the non-formally employed youth are involved in village council courts rendering their services – such as being a secretary to the village committee.


This opinion is by Alum Vicky, a beneficiary of the CPAR Uganda “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty in Rural Uganda” project. Alum expressed her opinion in reaction to the assertion: “People who have tested education have a certain way in which they have an organised mind,”  by the Chairman of Oledai Village in Ngora District, as published in the blog post, “Unemployed youth,” on the Challenging Categories website. Alum graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies from Kampala International University. She hails from Amolator District in Lango Sub-Region in Northern Uganda.

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