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Lira City Tuberculosis Marathon

Our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Gladys Gladrina Awino, has just concluded participation in the 10 km Tuberculosis (TB) Marathon that was held at Lira City this morning, Sunday 13th March 2022. Pictured with the Chief Marathon Runner, the Lira City Resident Commissioner, Mr. Lawrence Egole and her fellow runners: Dr. Jimmy Ssewanyana of Lira Regional Referral Hospital and Ms. Susan of Centre for Children and Youth Association.

Gladys is also the CPAR Uganda point person among the organizing group that is preparing for Lira City to host World TB Day 2022 on 24th March in Lira City. The TB pandemic rages on in Uganda. Indeed, it is reported that a national survey found that 89,000 (eighty nine thousand) Ugandans get infected with TB annually. This high infection rate can be adduced to Uganda’s low case detection rates and inadequate TB patient isolation practices.

Case in point, the findings of a CPAR Uganda qualitative investigation into tuberculosis, in which respondents for the greater Northern Uganda expressed their concerns as follows:

  • 89 percent thought presumptive TB cases living within their communities, included those who were untested and undiagnosed.
  • 44 percent thought presumptive TB cases living within their communities. included those who had been tested and were waiting for their results.
  • 22 percent were sure that the TB cases living within their communities, included patients who had been diagnosed and confirmed to be infected.

Read more of our empirical research findings on the prevalence of TB in Northern Uganda here.

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