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Grassroots project – welding apprenticeships

Our Rural Development Innovation Programme has officially launched this month! Please support our work by making a donation in support of “WELDING APPRENTICESHIPS FOR 25 YOUTH IN PADER.”

WE ARE TARGETING TO RAISE 10 M (TEN MILLION SHILLINGS) to enable us equip our Pader Artisanal Centre with the necessary machines and equipment so that Rural Innovator Jimmy Ezra begins to give back and to do good equipping youth with life skills that will enable them to earn a viable living as welders.

We can do this via Mobile Money to +256 789 962 225 registered to Okello Jimmy Ezra with 2,000 people each making a donation of Shs 5,000 (five thousand shillings); Or 5,000 people each making a donation of Shs 2,500 (two thousand five hundred shillings); Or 10,000 people each making a donation of Shs 1,000 (one thousand shillings). EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!

WE are also fundraising on the GlobalGiving Online platform as well. To learn more and to make a donation

Jimmy Ezra is a beneficiary of our Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty in Rural Uganda. Using his learning from his mentorship journey, Ezra innovated and originated this potentially positive impact project and he will be in charge of its implementation as well.

Ezra took the initiative to apprentice with an established welder and he is more than qualified to be the Project Team Leader for this project.

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