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Grassroots Project – women access to finance

500 WOMEN OF OCHELAKUR SUB-COUNTY ACCESS FINANCE project is the first in a series of projects under our RURAL DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION PROGRAMME that we officially launched this month.

WE ARE TARGETING TO RAISE 10 M (TEN MILLION SHILLINGS) as seed money for establishing and growing a loan scheme fund through which 500 women will access finance and financial literacy; be able to start and or operate viable businesses through which they will earn a living; and be able to meet the basic needs – food, water, clothes, shelter – of their households.

As of 15th April 2022, Good Friday, we had raised Shs. 573,500 (five hundred seventy-three thousand and five hundred shillings). Thank you to our supporters who have already made a donation. We call on others to please give in support of households of a disadvantaged traditionally fishing community that is no longer permitted fishing livelihoods due to government fishing restrictions on Lake Kyoga to transition to other livelihood options and to improved quality of life.

Donate via Mobile Money to +256 776 469 035 registered to Oluka Robert with 2,000 people each making a donation of Shs 5,000 (five thousand shillings); Or 5,000 people each making a donation of Shs 2,500 (two thousand five hundred shillings); Or 10,000 people each making a donation of Shs 1,000 (one thousand shillings). EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!

WE are also fundraising on the GlobalGiving Online platform as well. To learn more and to make a donation

A beneficiary of Oluka Robert’s generosity who had the skills, tailoring machine, but insufficient capital to buy the fabric. With a small low interest loan, she was assisted to kick start and grow her business.

Oluka Robert is a beneficiary of our Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty in Rural Uganda. Using his learning from his mentorship journey, Robert innovated and originated this potentially positive impact project and he will be in charge of its implementation as well.

He is a born of Ochelakur and during the covid-induced lockdown, using the little personal money that he could spare, he bailed out others in his community who were struggling with access to finance.  In doing so, Robert has gained deep insights into the status quo in his community; making him highly qualified to be our Project Team Leader.

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