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Leave job correctly – technically, legally & morally

Dear Innovators under my mentorship,

“YOUR NOTICE PERIOD WHEN RESIGNING,” is an article that contains great advice for some of you who are conflicted for you are forced to demonstrate that you have resigned. The important lesson to be learned is that a resignation is a negotiated processes between you, the employee and your employer; no one else.

Not even your potential new employer should instruct you on matters resigning from your current employer. And it is the norm these days for people to have multiple jobs, in which case your other employer shouldn’t be part of your negotiated process with another employer. Important lessons, indeed.

You will recall that you are part of CPAR Uganda first as beneficiaries of our Mentor Young Adults in Uganda into Innovators against Poverty Project . This is a fact that does not change. Because you are beneficiaries of our mentoring project you were recruited to work on a project as field researchers. Just because CPAR Uganda decided to withdraw from the project on which you are research assistants, doesn’t mean that you must terminate your relationships with CPAR Uganda or with the project.

CPAR Uganda’s decision to withdraw from the project technically and functionally already nullified the employer-employee relationship you had with CPAR Uganda on the matter of the project on which you are research assistants. In fact, this is exactly what CPAR Uganda communicated to its staff, during the staff project exit conversation. And so, a resignation from an already terminated contract is an oxymoron.

As your mentor I claim your continuation as field researchers until the conclusion of the project as success of our mentoring project. And as your mentor, it is my job to create opportunities for you and cheer you on. When you learn and benefit, I am happy. I look forward to reading about your growth and achievements derived from the project you now participate in as research assistants; an opportunity that I created for you.

I remain your mentor as long as you need me to be. At the end of your stint as field researchers, there will be other opportunities as well. So, do your very best always. And when it is time to leave do so in a manner that is not technically, legally and morally flawed, as you have been ill-advised to do.

By Ms. Norah Owaraga, Managing Director and Lead Mentor

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