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CPAR Uganda bought 6.2 acres from Abila Fred in Alica

CPAR Uganda would like to notify the general public that on 27th March 2007 we entered into agreement with Abila Fred (since deceased) to buy approximately 6.194 acres of land (48 plots, each measuring 35X15M) in Alica Village in Loro-Sub-County in Oyam District. The said land belonged to the descendants of late Nebokadoneza Okuku. This was confirmed in a letter to CPAR Uganda dated 27th March 2007 from Cultural Leader Albino Obong, Office of Rwot Atekere, who wrote:

“This is to confirm that the said land belongs to the late Nebokadoneza Okuku and therefore, culturally has been inherited by his children, represented by FRED ABILA. I am aware and bear witness to the authenticity of ownership of the said land. All members of the said family have consented to the sale of the said land. Therefore, I do not expect any complaints regarding the sale of the land under discussion in future.”

In accordance with the sales agreement, CPAR Uganda paid Abila Ug. Shs. 62,000,000 (sixty-two million shillings) in two installments:

First payment on signing of agreement: Ug. Shs. 37,440,000 on 4th May 2007 by cheque, which on 9th May 2007 Abila acknowledged receiving in writing.

Second and final payment: Ug. Shs. 24,960,000 on 8th August 2007 by cheque deposited on his Stanbic bank account in his name – Abila Fred.

On hearing rumors and allegations against CPAR Uganda, including claims by Aguru John, late Abila’s brother, that while at his death bed, the late Abila said that CPAR Uganda never paid him in full, the CPAR Uganda Country Director at the time of the transaction, Gizaw Shibru, on 23rd January 2019 clarified via email as follows:

“We paid in full the money a long time ago. This can be checked with community members, including Paul Kenyi. CPAR never took anything from anybody – individuals and community members. Instead, we tried to bring changes and give more. I remember Abila even bought a car and was driving around showing off. He was paid and his family members and elders did agree and signed off. I even remember the Loro community felt we paid too much for the land. In short, CPAR does not owe a penny.”

CPAR Uganda Ltd Management

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