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Belief: “where TB is HIV is” or “where HIV is TB is”

“The two TB patients, the first borne and the second borne, were staying together in the same house, but they contracted TB from different sources. This is because we found out that both of them they were HIV positive and they were brother and sister. No, they did not co-infect each other with TB.

Obviously, the community around stigmatised my sister and my brother. Others, they blame you for getting TB, because they think that maybe you got that one through HIV. That is when they will push the blame on a patient that you don’t stay safe; that you misbehave; that that is the profit you get. Just like that.

I don’t know how they can remove it from peoples’ minds that if you are having TB you necessarily have HIV.”

Respondent CPAR Uganda Qualitative Investigation into Tuberculosis in Uganda (2016-2017)

The perception that “Where TB is, HIV is or where HIV is, TB is” puts TB victims on the defensive, as exemplified by our respondents testimony above. Read more of our findings on the prevalence of tuberculosis (TB) in Greater Northern Uganda by download a 10-page A5 PDF containing our research findings briefing: “TUBERCULOSIS THE SILENT EPIDEMIC”

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