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RDC Implicated in Landgrab in Connivance with UETCL

While she was the Oyam Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Akullu Gillian Omara, colluded with Ogwang Robert Charles (while he was Oyam Deputy Chief Administrative Officer), Ekwaro Robert – Chairman LC III Loro Sub-County and Ogo Denis (while he was Loro Sub-County Chief), henceforth to be referred to as the Loro 4, to grab developed land from CPAR Uganda. In a letter to the Oyam Chief Administrative Officer, dated 27th February 2020, copied to Oyam RDC (Akullu) and to the Chairman Loro Sub-County (Ekwaro), Ogo, knowingly, made false claims that:

“The Attorney General is to secure a Court Order that authorizes eviction of CPAR Uganda from the facilities handed over by CPAR International to Loro Sub-County that includes land and buildings.”

Ogo Denis

The entity “CPAR International” is non-existent. CPAR Uganda has never received court sermons initiated by the Attorney General acting on behalf of Loro Sub-County and seeking an order of eviction against us. Nor has CPAR Uganda ever been presented with a Court Order initiated by Loro Sub-County evicting us from our properties in Loro Sub-County. CPAR Uganda is not in dispute with Loro Sub-County.

It is the Loro 4 who are abusing their public offices to grab CPAR Uganda land and buildings. Under the pretext of implementing the NGO ACT, the Loro 4 convened a meeting on 29th March 2017, during which they illegally resolved to forcefully evict CPAR Uganda from our land and buildings and to prohibit us from continued use of our properties in Loro Sub-County for doing development work. RDC Akullu is the one who made the proclamation evicting CPAR Uganda from our properties and from continuing our development work in Loro Sub-County. We have obtained a voice recording of the entire meeting.

CPAR Uganda sought intervention of Court and secured both an Interim Injunction and a Temporary Injunction against the Loro 4, restraining them and their “agents and servants, assignees or anyone acting on their behalf from trespassing and or evicting” us from our land… Click here to download the full press release.

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