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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about CPAR Uganda. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to ask us via comment to this post and or via email to

FAQ 1: CPAR Uganda Ltd is a company, does this mean that it is not a not-for-profit organisation and that it is a profit-making organisation?

CPAR Uganda is a not-for-profit organisation established for the benefit of disadvantaged communities in Uganda; and is registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau as a company that is limited by guarantee and is without share capital, Registration Number 102332.

FAQ 2: Is CPAR Uganda Ltd different from the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR)? What is the difference?

Yes, CPAR Uganda used to be the Uganda country programme of CPAR until 2008 when, in the interest of sustainability, it was indigenized and established as an independent Ugandan not-for-profit organisation, fully owned by Ugandans. The Uganda Country Advisory Committee of CPAR transformed into the founding members of CPAR Uganda Ltd.

FAQ 3: What does the “CPAR” in CPAR Uganda Ltd mean?

The founders of CPAR Uganda Ltd decided to keep the acronym “CPAR” for historic and strategic reasons. Within the context of CPAR Uganda the acronym “CPAR” is not defined word for word, but rather its meaning is derived from CPAR Uganda’s vision, mission, objectives and work in Uganda.

FAQ 4: Why does CPAR Uganda Ltd use the same maple leaf in its logo as does CPAR?

The founders of CPAR Uganda Ltd decided to indicate within CPAR Uganda’s logo the history of how CPAR Uganda evolved and to indicate CPAR Uganda’s relationship with CPAR Canada.

The maple leaf is a Canadian symbol, thus the maple leaf placed in a map of Uganda, as depicted in the CPAR Uganda Logo, connotes that CPAR was in Uganda and left an everlasting positive footprint.

The maple leaf inside of a map of Uganda, as depicted in the CPAR Uganda Logo, also connotes that the work of CPAR Canada lives on in the hearts of Ugandans and forms the foundation on which CPAR Uganda continues to build.

CPAR Uganda’s logo connotes that it is associated with CPAR; but that CPAR Uganda is a distinct legal entity from CPAR; and therefore distinguishing ownership and accountability of CPAR Uganda from that of CPAR.

FAQ 5: Who owns CPAR Uganda Ltd?

CPAR Uganda Ltd is owned by its members who are development minded individuals who volunteer their time and effort to the organization and the communities it serves.  Membership is by invitation of the Board of Directors.

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