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CPAR Uganda due diligence renewal approved

We, at CPAR Uganda Ltd, are delighted that our due diligence renewal has been approved by GlobalGiving. We are very happy that we have clearance to continue to fundraise on the GlobalGiving online platform. The funds that we so far raised on the GlobalGiving platform allowed us to innovate and to mentor young adults into innovators against poverty.

Two of the young people we mentored are continuing their mentorship journey with us. They have each originated and designed a grassroots intervention that is addressing and pressing issue in their respective communities. It is our expectation that we shall be able to raise the funds that they need to implement those interventions via donations via the GlobalGiving platform.

Every little bit counts. Please visit our profile on GlobalGiving & donate in support of grassroots projects by young innovators committed to do good for their respective communities.THANK YOU ALWAYS for your support towards building healthy communities in Uganda.

We are re-energized and working hard to learn how to better do on-line fundraising through the Lightful BRIDGE Program. Thank you GlobalGiving for both the financial and non-financial support that we get because of our partnership.

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