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Facts about where we work – Pallisa District

As we explore intervening in Pallisa District, our appreciation is enhanced of how difficult it is to find data on District Local Governments that is packaged in a user friendly way for decision making.

Our Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga has innovated and has established Pallisa Facts. Two posts are already up. The first explains why the need for Pallisa Facts Blog and the second provides the overview description of Pallisa – location and the demographics. By the end of the next couple of weeks, more detailed information on all sectors in Pallisa will also be available.

To receive notifications of new posts on Pallisa Facts, click here and visit Pallisa Facts, type your email in the space provided to subscribe and subscribe. And if there is information you would like to know or get from Pallisa, do not hesitate to ask us for it, in comment to this post and or via Pallisa Facts Contact Us.

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