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It is World TB Day 2023 – we can end TB in Uganda

We, at CPAR Uganda, are contributing to eradication of tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda through research, advocacy and awareness creation intended to nurture TB healthcare seeking behaviour amongst Ugandans; and to persuade duty bearers to make sufficient budgetary allocation for TB healthcare services. The challenge is huge.

“Uganda is one of the top 30 countries in the world with a high number of TB cases. About 30 people in Uganda die from TB on a daily basis …  TB is four times more common among men than women … At least 15,000 children in Uganda are diagnosed with TB annually.”

Violet Nabatanzi in the New Vision

TB is a preventable and curable disease; and treatment for TB is free in Uganda. However, a lot has to be done to build conscious awareness on the prevalence of TB as an airborne infectious disease that is preventable and cureable. Significant proportions of Ugandans are ignorant of this killer disease among them.

Click here to watch a short video on TB in Uganda in which is dramatized findings from an empirical qualitative study on TB in Uganda, which we conducted.

Yes, we can end TB in Uganda.

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