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We need to look beyond academic papers

“I chose to learn welding skills during the Covid-19 induced lockdowns. As a graduate, you need to look beyond your transcripts (academic papers). It’s high time we equip ourselves with hands-on skills. It’s time we think beyond just getting a salaried employment. Let’s maximize the potential in us by valuing whatever business you’re doing. It may look small, but to your surprise, by committing yourself at it, it will end up becoming a great business than what you had thought of before.”

Jimmy Ezra Okello, Innovator Against Poverty

Okello, embodies the kind of young persons that CPAR Uganda Ltd targets to mentor into a proactive innovator against poverty in their respective community. He is a university graduate with a degree, but isn’t afraid to get his proverbial hands dirty. He doesn’t look down upon certain jobs or honest livelihoods as not suited for a university graduate.

His education has not negatively altered his attitude to believe he is better than his fellow human beings, particularly those without formal education qualifications. His true educated can be deduced from his humbleness and affinity to work for the betterment of humankind in his community.

Make no mistake, Okello’s journey hasn’t been easy. He was orphaned while young – both his parents died. His sister and other extended family have been there for him, but he too had to significantly work hard to get to where he is now.

While a student at a prestigious university, in the city, for example, in his free time, after lectures, he resorted to doing a job frowned upon by his peers – selling second hand shoes on the pavement, in order to make ends meet – contribute to school fees and pay for his upkeep at university… Continue reading here

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