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Life is just like a menu from a hotel

“Sometimes, when I look back, I can only see thousands of tears which I poured during my struggle to get myself where I am today. It only takes determination, sacrifice and real, real commitment for someone to breakout from the silence of a village like Ocelakur.

One thing I have discovered is that, life is just like a menu from a hotel, where there is varieties of options and it’s only you to make a choice of what you want. Each option has got a cost attached to it. For someone to keep on enjoying the best option, the person will have to do what it takes to get there.

Poverty is just like a chronic disease in most of our households and most youth are vulnerable to inherit it from their parents and ancestors before them. It’s now upon us the youth to be innovative enough to break this linage of poverty. not only by looking at employment opportunities, but to use creativity and innovation as a firearm and munition to fight poverty. Yes, you can!”

Robert Oluka, Innovator Against Poverty

Oluka, indeed, is among those extraordinary young people from humble backgrounds who have persevered through tough times in the city, sometimes not knowing where his next meal will come, but he did not give up. To make ends meet in the city, he was a student by day and a security guard by night – sleeping outside to guard the rich and their properties. Through it all he preserved until he got his degree from a prestigious Ugandan university … Continue reading here

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