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Uganda Woman MPs hear menstruating workforce

“When we are in our periods. There are things that we need to have, especially in toilets that we go to. Among them is water. We need water to stay clean. We need to wash our hands. Even soap is needed. When we go to toilets, we need to find in them toilet paper.”

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There are those in which you flash with water. You cannot throw used pads in them. For all those flash toilets, it is not good for you a woman to throw pads in them. Even when you are a visitor in some one’s place. To throw your pads in a flush toilet, it is you who will shame yourself.

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Things that we need when we are in our periods, are not there in places that we go, like hospitals and schools where our children go. You find that a school or a hospital everyday serves like 100 people, but has only two toilets. One for men and one for women.

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We women suffer a lot in public places, like markets. You will find in those places only one toilet which we share with men. You want to change your soaked pad, but the place you are in is dirty. And there is no toilet paper of even no water. As you start to change your pad, a man knocks on the door also wanting to use the toilet, oh my God!

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