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Tag: Food security

  • Situation Analysis – poverty in Northern Uganda

    Situation Analysis – poverty in Northern Uganda

    Our geographic area of operation, Greater Northern Uganda – West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Teso, Karamoja and Bukedi, hosts about 13.1 million people, 32 percent of Uganda’s population, according to the UBOS National Survey Report 2019/2020 The findings of UBOS are that: Greater Northern Uganda, “the Eastern and Northern regions, have consistently had the highest number…

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  • Food security tip – Grow food in your home lawns

    Food security tip – Grow food in your home lawns

    There is an urgent argument to be made for us all to become more dependent on food that is grown locally and that can be easily accessible within a particular community. Particularly so, easy to perish food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Well, four young adults, three university graduates and a university student, that…

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  • “It is Because of Mummy”

    “It is Because of Mummy”

    “It is because of mummy.” This is one of the most common words spoken not only by many children in rural areas, but also those in urban areas of Uganda. Gender issues have made some women to become bread winners in their respective households, despite tradition and religion acknowledging men as the bread winners. Some…

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  • Why Low Fruit Consumption in Uganda

    Why Low Fruit Consumption in Uganda

    According to the food basket costs estimates for 16 households in Lango Sub-Region that we made during our training, five households did not include fruits in their food items for an entire month. This is possible because people do not know the value of eating such fruits for our bodies. Even in the costs estimates…

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  • 2016 progress – replace grass with food gardens

    2016 progress – replace grass with food gardens

    CPAR Uganda Ltd challenged our staff members to replace grass lawns and flowers on the grounds of our base camps with food crops. The only condition that we gave them was that they must establish and maintain their food gardens using best agronomic practices and, as well, ensure the gardens are aesthetically pleasant. They accepted…

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  • Strategy – Advocacy Programming 2016-2020

    Strategy – Advocacy Programming 2016-2020

    Under our empirical evidence based Policy Advocacy Programme, CPAR Uganda Ltd will function as a consulting organisation. The thrust of the theory of change that informs the premise on which our policy advocacy programme is based, is the assumption that empirical data can be collected, analysed and used as the basis for more effective advocacy.…

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  • Strategy – Health Care Programming 2016-2020

    Strategy – Health Care Programming 2016-2020

    Within the paradigm of the change agent model and of the social enterprise model, the work of CPAR Uganda Ltd, under our preventative healthcare programme, will focus on contributing to increased quantities, qualities and varieties of food crops that smallholder farmers produce at household level; in order to promote human nutrition and climate sensitive agriculture.…

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  • Vegetable sun drying for food & nutrition security

    Vegetable sun drying for food & nutrition security

    CPAR Uganda has partnered with Alinga Farms to add value to eboo (cow peas leaves) – vegetable sun drying using the indigenous knowledge of the Lango peoples of Uganda. The CPAR Uganda Finance and Administration Assistant Officer, Mrs. Rose Aceng Okello, has kicked off the project with class. She is the woman who is behind…

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  • Minister Rebecca Otengo praises CPAR Uganda

    Minister Rebecca Otengo praises CPAR Uganda

    Hon. Rebecca Otengo – Minister of State for Northern Uganda – paid a visit to our Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery Programme (ALREP) “Improving Food Security and Agricultural Livelihoods of War Affected Communities” project in Agago. Hon. Otengo was accompanied by a delegation that included local government officials from various districts and other civil society organisations. The…

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  • Farmers First project cassava multiplication

    Farmers First project cassava multiplication

    Members of Kony Wa Women’s Farmer Field School (FFS), in 2012, received from CPAR Uganda training on cassava agronomy and cassava cuttings of variety MM/96/4271 variety (NASE 14) for multiplication, under our Farmers First (FF) Programme. This variety is resistant to brown streak virus and cassava mosaic virus which greatly impair yields of all other…

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