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Vegetable sun drying for food & nutrition security

CPAR Uganda has partnered with Alinga Farms to add value to eboo (cow peas leaves) – vegetable sun drying using the indigenous knowledge of the Lango peoples of Uganda.

The CPAR Uganda Finance and Administration Assistant Officer, Mrs. Rose Aceng Okello, has kicked off the project with class. She is the woman who is behind the production and value addition side; while Alinga Farms is taking the lead in the packaging and marketing.

The demonstration has worked – organic food production in an urban setting and at home. Rose has put to good use the lawns at our learning centres. She dug up the grass and has grown vegetables.

She is doing value addition using simple technology – the leaves placed on a raised drying rack that is made out of wood and wire gauze and is placed out in the compound to let the gifts of nature – sun and wind – do the rest.

Food and nutrition innovations at our Lira Learning Centre, established and owned by our staff.

Small initiatives such as these are potentially bigger for they are likely to have deeper and wider long lasting positive impact – achieving the Millennium Development Goals faster than certain other ‘wealth-creation’ projects, popularly promoted in Uganda these days.

We would like to expand production to involve households in Lango and in Pallisa – promoting the growing and all-year-round consumption of vegetables for our good health while making some money.

So, might you or someone you know be interested in a regular supply of dried green vegetables – currently eboo (cow peas leaves) otherwise also known as egobe in Luganda?

If so, please join us and help us to complete our value chain of this social philanthropic enterprise. Leave us a comment on this post to express your interest.

Featured photo is of Rose Aceng harvesting spinach for sale from her plot at our Lira Learning Centre.

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