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First cohort of youth in training – dates set

We have set the dates for receiving our first cohort of 25 young adults for their first mentoring session with under our“Mentoring Young Adults in Uganda into Innovators against poverty” project. From 6th January to 1st February 2020 our first cohort will be in training.

The modifications to our Lira Learning Centre, the epicentre for our mentoring programme, are near complete. The Reading Room, a crucial component of our mentoring programme, is up and running as of September 2019.

Mr. Stan Burkey, Volunteer Advisor to CPAR Uganda Managing Director, did the first round of selections. He reviewed the applications and made a shortlist of applicants to be interviewed.

For a more detailed up-date on these achievements, read our full progress report here.

2 responses to “First cohort of youth in training – dates set”

  1. Thanks so much CPAR Uganda and Ms. Norah Owaraga in particular for this great program “Mentoring young adults into innovators”. I can foresee a great achievement in our greater Northern Uganda above all am happy to be part and partial of this Mentorship Program.


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