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Ms. Norah Owaraga lead mentor of young people

Ms. Norah Owaraga is the Lead Mentor for the CPAR Uganda Ltd programme: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.” The first cohort of 20 young adults begins their journey with CPAR Uganda in January 2020.

Since April 2012 to date, Ms. Owaraga is the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda, however, her wealth of professional experience spans since 1992, during which period she has worked as a senior executive with multiple civil society organisations operating in Uganda; and as an independent consultant.  

She is a cultural anthropologist and a communication expert, who holds a Master of Science Degree in Development Management from The Open University, UK and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies from Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, UK (now a university). 

Since January 2017 to date, she is the first and the only female political radio talk show host in Uganda, hosting “Spectrum Extra” on Radio One FM90; a prime time show that airs live every Friday from 7-9 p.m.; a platform through which she does advocacy and holds leaders to account.

She is a blogger with a blog, “The Humanist View”, which has got thousands of followers on wordpress and on Face Book. Through her blog she regularly shares her opinions and advocacy on a wide range of issues, mostly those affecting Uganda.

Inspired by the Africa Leadership Initiative – East Africa (ALI-EA) Fellowship Programme, Owaraga is a social entrepreneur, who established Alinga Farms to promote, among households of active smallholder farmers in rural Uganda, the growing, consumption and sale of culturally acceptable and environmentally friendly crops that have high nutrition value.

You can follow her on: Face Book (Alinga Norah Owaraga), Twitter (@nowaraga) and Linkedin (Norah Owaraga).

18 responses to “Ms. Norah Owaraga lead mentor of young people”

  1. […] 2021 when she will participate in a training session on cash flows that will be facilitated by our lead mentor, Norah Owaraga, at our Lira Learning Centre from 7th to 9th January […]


  2. Am glad we didn’t give up on building African hopes .I surely believe reaching a million hearts starts with one person hoping that sure and consistent few shall lead us to a deeper well.

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  3. Reblogged this on The Humanist View and commented:
    I am so looking forward to receiving and mentoring the first cohort of CPAR Uganda’s “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty” programme.

    Many times we wanted to give up. We are glad we persisted. Little by little makes a bundle and our bundle is taking shape. The count down has begun, next Tuesday, 21st January 2020 we begin.


  4. Across the black continent, community wellbeing and communal living is key to happiness .This echoes to us the value of persons fighting for a better Africa through togetherness and watching wellbeing of another. This profile indeed spells out the hands and heart of a true African peace fighter. Thankyou so much Norah for reaching to a million African hearts. Africa needs more of you and more young Adults are here to learn and be inspired and do like you to make Africa a better place to stay. God bless you.

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  5. So interesting a a profile! You have created a masterpiece that has restored all lost hopes. For the little time I read about you, beleive me when I say, “you have become my main model for success” with the idea of mentoring us into innovators; a sword we shall use against poverty. I am tempted to say you are one in a million and The United Nations General Assembly should appreciate you in your endeavors towards ending poverty by 2030.
    The idea of training us will surely remain a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
    Many thanks for your intervention in matters that affect the people of the North and Uganda at large.


  6. Thanks so much Ms Norah for your selfless work for a better change in this country,may God grant you wisdom so that you continue inspiring as many as possible, be blessed always

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    • Stay blessed and safe too Anena and I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you for the greater good of our communities.


  7. Thanks a lot Norah u inspire me a lot,lately have become secrete admirer of u, u r a great luo u will make our heads to b held high and wat I like most is ur point of gender equity I wish u well and hope to meet u soon his I wish u where our president our communities would b very far by now my d living God bless d works of ur hands always.

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    • Reading through our applications and your determination inspires me the more … together will will go the distance for the greater good of our communities.


  8. And we are expecting to learn a lot from you too. We look forward to doing great things together for the greater good!


  9. Am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the team, I have a lot of expectations and I believe this will have a great impact not only to the team but our communities. Thank you so much much Ms Norah.

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  10. We thank her for the initiative and we as the young adult Ugandans we hope and believe to learn more from her experience of work so that the legacy can remain forever. We thank her for the great work done in changing the livelihood of the many poor community and leading the fight for the country to meet the sustainable goals. God above all!!!!

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    • Thank you Davis… From your application you are doing great things already and am looking forward to learn more…


    • Thank you so much Norah for the great work you are doing in our community, above all northern Uganda, and most especially for the youth towards achieving their goals through innovation, we are looking towards achieving more through your shared knowledge, may the good Lord continue to bless you. Thanks. Cheers……!

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