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Publishing ePDFs and eBooks

Yesterday, I took the plunged and risk to subscribe to “Designrr”, which I saw advertised on Facebook. It is a tool that enables one to create and to publish epdfs and ebooks.

To learn how it works, I used my top blog post, “Letter to President Museveni”, which is now also available to download as a pdf, as well, through this link.

This is very, very exciting for me!

It is certainly a way in which we, Ugandans, scholars, researchers and practitioners, could get more of our own content easily published, without necessarily spending too much and jumping through hoops.

So, for the rest of this week, I will be busy generating epdfs for previous publications of our work, starting with sharing an empirical research findings briefing on our study on tuberculosis in Uganda. Yes, 200/100,000 Ugandans are infected with TB and it is killing us in the thousands. Yes, TB, like Coronavirus COVID-19 is an airborne infectious disease, but which is easily preventable and treatable, but …

By Ms. Norah Owaraga, CPAR Uganda Ltd Managing Director

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