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Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda

As the world battles with the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, we find it timely to share this briefing on the findings of an empirical investigation into tuberculosis in Uganda. It should be noted that unlike in other parts of the world, TB is equally a pandemic in Uganda. Thousands of Ugandans are infected with TB and TB has killed and continues to kill Ugandans in the thousands.

Like COVID-19, TB is a highly infectious airborne disease; but unlike COVID-19 it is treatable and more easily preventable. 

This briefing is shared within the ethos of the best practice of presenting qualitative data. This is so as to enable the reader to gain an initial sense of the raw data – the transcripts of interviews and focus group discussions that CPAR Uganda Ltd generated as part of its investigation.

As much as possible, this briefing is devoid of the investigator’s own opinions. It is the expectation that the investigator may develop and present her opinion through subsequent analysis of this briefing.

It is the intention that this briefing will be used by academics, other researchers and knowledge seekers, as a basis on which to author papers and also from whence to launch further investigations into some of the issues raised, in order to contribute to the body of knowledge.

It is also intended that this briefing be used as an entry-point and as a basis on which to inform the implementation of programmes and or the revision of existing programmes and or the original design of new programmes.

There are lessons from this briefing, which if Uganda had learned and implemented in the fight against TB; it may have enhanced our preparedness for other pandemics of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

We invite you to freely download the briefing through this link, read and join the conversation through comment to this post; and or by sending us feedback and comments via email

2 responses to “Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda”

  1. Have really liked this..
    how I wish such information are translated to the local languages of ugandan republic


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