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Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths

With examples from the media in Uganda, the analysis contained in “Gender Issues: Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths,” gives a detailed description of gender-based violence in Uganda, in the domestic realm and in the public realm.

It describes how gender-based violence is nurtured by myths; and how negative beliefs and practices have been normalized and are normalizing gender-based violence. Such beliefs and practices as:

  • Wife beating
  • Subservient submission of married women to their husbands
  • Blaming of school going girl children who fall pregnant

The ePDF of Gender Issues: Gender-Based Violence Thrives on Myths is available to download free of charge through this link.

Cover Photo Credit: Ateker Cultural Center Karamoja

Learn and read more about the author, Ms. Norah Owaraga, and her work through her website.

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