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Financial Literacy is key for ending poverty

After completing module one of understanding poverty in rural Uganda with CPAR Uganda, I was able to practically apply the skills that I attained (tracking daily expense at home ), which I taught my younger sister as well. “WE SPENT A LOT OF MONEY UNNECESSARILY,” was her comment after several weeks of implementation.

With that, she has made a lot of changes by cutting cost where necessary. She now pays water bills and feeds the family with the little money that she gets from her business (tap water sales), something that was not previously achieved.

Click here and read more about our food in lawns project

Currently, I am part of the foods in lawn project supported by CPAR Uganda and I have established a vegetable garden (sukuma wiki) in some plots within the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre.

I am inspired to do a poultry project within the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre if my request is approved.

This is why I believe am the most deserving young adult to benefit from the revised CPAR Uganda programme for mentoring young adults into innovators against poverty. Am grateful that CPAR Uganda chose me to be a change agent and I believe there is still more in store.


By Ann Parlaker Gumkit

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