Am so grateful for the training we were given – Module I: Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda of CPAR Uganda’s project, “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty.” If there is something I really lacked then it was a saving culture.

How I wished I got the knowledge before completing school, am sure savings from my pocket money would have done something for me at the moment. I wasted money. But, as they say: better late than never.

Members of a CPAR Uganda beneficiary group in lango sub-region during a sitting of their village savings and credit group members.

I have learnt to save. I had a small job for less than a month before lock down ruined it. And from my savings, I was able to purchase two piglets and they are doing good. I don’t think I’ll ever waste money again. Thank you once again CPAR Uganda.

By Acen Mercy, Innovator

2 thoughts on “Learnt to save, will not waste money again

  1. Saving is a tool to fight poverty but before I didn’t know that someone can do better even when you dont have excess money to save but I learnt it from my own experience when I started my small business of selling second hands clothes and from friends who expanded their business through saving culture by saving the little you get rather than spending it without planning for it.


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