Leave job correctly – technically, legally & morally

Dear Innovators under my mentorship, "YOUR NOTICE PERIOD WHEN RESIGNING," is an article that contains great advice for some of you who are conflicted for you are forced to demonstrate that you have resigned. The important lesson to be learned is that a resignation is a negotiated processes between you, the employee and your employer;… Continue reading Leave job correctly – technically, legally & morally

Video: Dr. Ocen on Employment

Employment, under-employment and unemployment, according to Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen the Co-Investigator on the “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youths as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda” Research Project, are frequently defined by the expectations of those that sponsor candidates through education (parents, government, etc.) and to a lesser extent the candidates themselves. Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen… Continue reading Video: Dr. Ocen on Employment

Dr. Ben Jones on the need for a new vocabulary to describe Ugandan youth

There is a particular way in which people talk about young people in Uganda. There is a way they talk about people who don’t have work; and who might not have a salaried job. There is a very standard way, I think, in which often policy-makers, government officials, but also people in civil society, the… Continue reading Dr. Ben Jones on the need for a new vocabulary to describe Ugandan youth

Advisory to newly graduated youth – jobs will not find you watching TV

I always tell youth who are still at the university not to expect white-collar jobs immediately after graduation. I always emphasise to them how I graduated and I was all expectant that I could only sit at home to watch TV thinking that I was going to get a white-collar job soon. I refused to… Continue reading Advisory to newly graduated youth – jobs will not find you watching TV

Akullo Betty’s gender lens on Ugandan’s concept of work

When I worked in a law firm, I realized that that was not my calling, because I am person who likes to support people in need. But when a person comes to a law firm, most times it is about how much money do you have for this work. And most women who would come,… Continue reading Akullo Betty’s gender lens on Ugandan’s concept of work

Lesson for Success #03: Reliability & Consistency

The GE9X family of turbines that fly a Boeing 777 run for 16 hours at core temperatures of 1,300 centigrade (higher than the melting point of each of the elements that make the core) but it never relents. From Rio-de-Janeiro to Amsterdam. The following day it goes to Melbourne and it does the same exact… Continue reading Lesson for Success #03: Reliability & Consistency

Welcoming Ann Parlaker Gumkit

I am very pleased to announce that Ms. Ann Parlaker Gumkit will be joining us as our Volunteer Part-Time Paid Administrative Assistant on 1st June 2020. 1st June is the official start of her contract, but Ann is already on the ground at our Lira Offices, that are located at our Lira Learning Centre, where she… Continue reading Welcoming Ann Parlaker Gumkit