May we conquer COVID-19 & Resume Normalcy

Last year, 2020, we, at CPAR Uganda, were highly optimistic that it would be the year in which we revive and re-grow our organisation, while implementing projects that have direct positive impact on the wellbeing of our constituency – active disadvantaged communities in our geography of operation, the Greater Northern Uganda and Uganda, generally. And … Continue reading May we conquer COVID-19 & Resume Normalcy

Kudos to Posta Uganda

Last evening we were pleasantly surprised when some of our mail that had not successfully been redirected to Lira was now redirected to Entebbe and we received our back copies of important periodicals – D+C (Development and Cooperation); Field Exchange; and Forced Migration; among other mail.

Strategic Policy Advocacy Programme 2016-2020

Under our empirical evidence based Policy Advocacy Programme, CPAR Uganda Ltd will function as a consulting organisation. The thrust of the theory of change that informs the premise on which our policy advocacy programme is based, is the assumption that empirical data can be collected, analysed and used as the basis for more effective advocacy. … Continue reading Strategic Policy Advocacy Programme 2016-2020