Withdraw from 1.33 billion shillings project

CPAR Uganda notifies the general public that it has prematurely ended its partnership with School of International Development, University of East Anglia (UEA) when it withdrew from being an implementing partner for the project: “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda,” which received a grant award of GBP 298,658 (about 1.33… Continue reading Withdraw from 1.33 billion shillings project

Mindset of youth today on purpose of education

This post is in reaction to the propositions made by Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen during the first team meeting of the Challenging Categories project and that were captured in short video titled: "Education is justice, education is excellence." Click here to watch and listen to it. We first want to agree with the statement made… Continue reading Mindset of youth today on purpose of education

Creativity needed disseminating academic research

"In his thesis, "Reading Monuments: Politics and Poetics of Memory in Postwar Northern Uganda”, Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen presents monuments as material objects located on former sites of war to remember experiences of mass killings and abductions only.By so doing, other equally important experiences of war such as hunger, infant and child mortality, disease, beatings… Continue reading Creativity needed disseminating academic research

Benefits of social media for academic research

“What interests me the most is what we can do with social and digital media. The ability to promote research directly to the public, and hear their feedback, while connecting academics and their wider audiences is an unparalleled opportunity for universities.I might not be able to persuade every academic I work with to join Twitter,… Continue reading Benefits of social media for academic research

Video – Dr. Laury Ocen on useful and useless knowledge

Families. Communities and Government invest a lot in training youths through formal education with the perceived end that they will become active contributors in community and family development. Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen giving a presentation at the first team workshop of our Challenging Categories Research Project. The reality is that this investment, however sustained, is… Continue reading Video – Dr. Laury Ocen on useful and useless knowledge

Video – MD’s Weekly Episode 1

“As the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda, I am delighted to share with you that our innovative, cutting age, research and advocacy project is off the ground. We have been in the field for about four months now collecting data on the whole idea of challenging categories – educated unemployed youth as institutional innovators in… Continue reading Video – MD’s Weekly Episode 1

Being a ‘big man’ among Kumam

Initially in Kumam culture, being a ‘big man’ was earned from inheritance. For example, when the father died, it was the first borne male child who inherited the cattle riches; owned all of the land that was his father’s. He took over the position of the late father and automatically he became a 'big man'… Continue reading Being a ‘big man’ among Kumam

‘Big Man’ in Teso is he who can ‘shake mangoes’

Some time ago, as I was growing up, as a young girl, a ‘big man’ in Teso was classified as one who possessed a lot of wealth in form of large herds of livestock; extensive land; married many wives; had homesteads and granaries of food stuffs; and had produced many children. This has changed in… Continue reading ‘Big Man’ in Teso is he who can ‘shake mangoes’

Research brings positive impact on daily lives

We, at CPAR Uganda, are privileged to work closely with Dr. Ben Jones, a lecturer in development studies at the University of East Anglia (UEA). For a two year period 2021 to 2023, Dr. Jones is the Principal Investigator for our research and policy advocacy project: "Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in… Continue reading Research brings positive impact on daily lives