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Young Adults Make Social Contracts

On Friday, 14th February 2020, during their certificate award ceremony at which CPAR Uganda awarded 11 young adults certificates for successfully completing Module 1: “Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda” of the its project: “Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators against Poverty,” the graduating innovators were informed and they accepted that the certificates that they were given are social contracts.

Social contracts between each one of them and their respective households, villages and the wider community of Lango Sub-Region, where the innovators will actively work to improve standards of living.

The certificates in part read:

“ Training certificate awarded to (name of participant) who has satisfactorily completed 23 days of training on “Understanding Poverty in Rural Uganda,” as part of CPAR Uganda’s project: “Mentoring young adults into innovators against poverty”, conducted from the 22nd January 2020 to the 14th February 2020 at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning centre.

The topics covered: Conceptualisation of poverty; measurement of poverty; causes of poverty; symptoms of poverty; gender and poverty; poverty messaging; where to start in the fight against poverty.

CPAR Uganda Ltd

The certificates were signed by: Mrs. Maxelline Katongole, Mentor; Ms. Norah Owaraga, Lead Mentor, Project Leader; and Prof. Dr. Christopher G. Orach, CPAR Uganda Board Chair.

6 responses to “Young Adults Make Social Contracts”

  1. […] Early January 2020, after a week’s stay in Gulu for a trade show business where me and my younger sister sold soft drinks in an attempt to expand the little money we had, I received another call on my way from Gulu to Lira. And this time around calling me for a training with CPAR Uganda in Lira. First day is not always easy. I was really scared, because I realized I was the youngest and mixing with others was not easy, but I over came finally. The training was about understanding poverty in rural Uganda. After 21 days, I was awarded certificate of completion. […]


  2. Hello CPAR, Good after noon. I am Stephen Ninsiima and I finished senior six in 2015 I scored three principles with eleven points in ; Biology-D, Chemistry-D mathematics-D as shown on attached transcript. Since then I lacked tution because I have a single parent (mum) but I still have dreams.I have tried loan scheme but I was not successful, I also went ahead and appealed for loan scheme all in vain. Since childhood I have studied on fees from sponsors, who were impressed by my performance before it was affected by long periods of sicknesses during both studies and UNEB time. I have grown with a dream to be a surgeon so that I can be part of the health team in improving health lives of people in Uganda, Africa and beyond. When I was in senior three, I identified a need in our health sector; many heart patients need to first go abroad usually India to get treatment ,so I developed a new dream: to be a CARDIOLOGIST , I have lived with this dream and I still have it,but has no tution. I there fore humbly request you to pay for me tution for bachelors, or to connect me where I can explain my situation, so that I achieve that dream and serve. Thank you so much.


    • Mr. Ninsiima, while CPAR Uganda appreciates your challenges, please note that CPAR Uganda does not have a scholarship fund for paying school fees. We have a mentoring programme for which we offer young adults scholarships in order to participate in our mentoring programme.


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