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Tuberculosis is a pandemic

Uganda’s forgotten active pandemic is tuberculosis (TB). According to TB Alliance, the World Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledges that

“TB is the leading infectious cause of death in the world, killing 1.5 million each year.”

World Health Organisation

The New Vision published a story in which it was reported that the Ministry of Health TB Survey (2014-2015) found:

“An estimated 89,000 people (in Uganda) get the TB disease per year, but almost half (41,000) of all cases go undetected, exposing more people to infection since they are less inclined to seek treatment.”

Ministry of Health – Uganda

While we remain 100% in solidarity with the fight against COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus, we urge that among the lessons we shall learn from this harrowing experience will be the importance of the political will in fighting pandemics. And that such political will shall be similarly afforded to the fight against TB; resulting in the generation of the necessary funding and other resources that are needed to end TB in Uganda.

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