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Prevalence of TB in Northern Uganda

The Ministry of Health, in its 2015 publication: “The National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey, 2014-2015 Survey Report,” estimates Uganda’s national tuberculosis (TB) prevalence rate at 253/100,000; an estimated 87,000 TB cases annually.

Using the national TB prevalence rate, it is valid to surmise that, in 2017, the greater northern region (Karamoja, Lango, Acholi and West Nile), with a population of 7.2 million people, had an estimated 18,000 TB cases. The belief, in fact, is strong that TB has become more widely prevalent in the region; more than it was in the past.

“In the TB ward, the number is never reducing. The patients are increasing more and more.”  As a matter of fact, indeed, “a district in this region has the second highest number of MDR-TBs (patients with multi-drug resistant TB) in the country; second to Mulago and yet Mulago is a national hospital.”

Click on this link to freely download the Pdf (14 A5 pages) of the research findings discussion and continue reading.

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