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Lira University honored to associate with Challenging Categories Project

As Lira University and in particular, the Faculty of Education of Lira University, we are very deeply honoured and gratified to have this project, “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda” associated with us.

We want to say, whatever role this project needs from the Lira University Faculty of Education, we shall be ready to associate with you and play our role very effectively.

As Faculty of Education, we are concerned with issues of education and I see that this research embeds in a lot of education matter. And, therefore, we shall be on board to give you advice on how to address some of these issues.

We shall be happy to work with you, to associate with you, and make sure this project brings out what it deserves. And as it has been planned.


This message was delivered by Professor J. C. Enon, Head of Faculty of Eduction, Lira University, during the speech that he gave at the launch of the Challenging Categories project on Saturday, 17th April 2021, at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre.

Present at the project launch ceremony were his colleagues from Lira University as well as follows:

Professor Okaka Dokotum Opio, (who is the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Lira University)

Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen (who is the project Co-Investigator)

Dr. Epila Jackie (whose comment in our visitors’ book was: “exciting, exciting!!”

Mr. Patrick Denis Okwir Jaramogi (whose comment in our visitors’book was: “great launch.”

Featured photo: Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen and Prof. J. C. Lawrence confer at the Challenging Categories project launch ceremony at the CPAR Uganda Lira Learning Centre.

Photo Credit: All photos featured in this post were taken my Mr. Emmanuel Owaraga as part of the Project Media Consultant – Mr. Philip Luswata’s team.

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