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Women’s Probono Initiative – Your rights, Your life

Until my rights were violated and I needed them so bad, and even though I had heard about their great work and I had hosted their Executive Director on the Radio One Talk Show: “Spectrum Extra”, I had never really gone out of my way to familiarize with the work of Women’s Probono Initiative (WPI) through my Managing Director lens. Well, that changes now.

Yesterday, I visited with WPI and as I waited in their reception area, I was given a copy of their Annual Report 2021. Flipping through it I realised WPI is exactly the collaborative partner that CPAR Uganda needs to work with for our Policy Advocacy Activity: “Youths-Oriented Development Communication Media; Creative Arts and Theatre for Development Mentorship.”

WPI holds a vision of “a Uganda free of violence and discrimination against women and girls.” Their mission, therefore is to “advance access to justice for girls through awareness creation, legal representation, research and knowledge sharing.” Their areas of focus are: “Women’s Health and Human Rights; Sexual and Gender-Based Violence; Advocacy Against Human Trafficking; and Women’s Economic Empowerment.”

There is a direct match between our current CPAR Uganda 10-year strategic plan 2020 to 2030 with WPI’s work as they “advance legal representation, research and knowledge sharing, empowerment and drive development and awareness creation for human rights.” CPAR Uganda and our constituency would be the loser if we do not proactively seek close collaboration with WPI. And so, we look forward to doing so, in the hope WPI will accept our advances.

Ms. Primah Kwagala, award winning Advocate, Executive Director of Women Probono Initiative and Ms. Norah Owaraga, Cultural Anthropologist, Managing Director of CPAR Uganda (left). At Women Probono Initiative Office in Kampala.

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