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Judy Adoko among powerful women behind CPAR Uganda

This year, 2022, one of our founding members, Judy Adoko, was a “Notable Medalist”, on Heroes Day. A well deserved recognition for her huge contribution to Uganda as a civil society practitioner.

“Judith, your work is very commendable particularly to our Lango people who still own land in the clan as customary land. I am also privileged to have worked with you in many developmental works you have accomplished for betterment of society. God bless you and keep up the good work.”

Hon. Okello-Okello John Baptist, former Chairman Dokolo District Local Government.

She is also a founder member of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU), which was founded in 2003; and for which she was Executive Director. Her activism and advocacy for the people of Uganda is evidence-based and is informed by empirical research. The many LEMU publications she has authored are proof of her excellency in significantly contributing to the body of knowledge on Uganda.

She is a Lawyer, an advocate and Development Specialist with over many years of work experience. She has made an outstanding contribution in promoting the recognition, understanding and support of Uganda’s customary land tenure. The magnitude of her contribution is evidenced by the current National Land Policy in Uganda, which recognizes the customary land tenure system to be at par with the other three land tenure systems in Uganda. Uganda’s current National Land Policy no longer allows conversion of customary tenure to Freehold.

In the past, she excelled while working with international NGOs, such as, Voluntary Services Overseas and Oxfam GB, during which she managed development programmes on human rights and emergency programmes in Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. And she once worked with the Ministry of Lands in Tanzania as a Registrar of Titles and as a legal assistant in advocate firms in Tanzania and in Uganda.

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