Our organisation, CPAR Uganda Ltd, is a Ugandan non-profit development company that is limited by guarantee and is without share capital.

We, at CPAR Uganda, want to see Ugandans, especially rural men, women and children, lead healthy and dignified lives during which their rights are respected and their basic needs are met. We are thus implementing activities under two major programme areas as follows:

  • Livelihoods, a programme under which we are promoting food sovereignty, human nutrition, environment regeneration and protection. We are doing so through training, mentoring and skilling of members of disadvantaged rural households. This is so as to contribute to increased quantities, qualities and varieties of food crops that smallholder farmers produce for consumption at household level; and surpluses for sale for income generation to meet their other basic and genuine needs, such as housing, medical costs, school fees, and others. We also motivate members of disadvantaged rural households to engage in non-agriculture related income generation as an alternative avenue – wholly or partially – for their livelihoods.
  • Policy advocacy, a programme under which we function as a consulting organisation that has expertise to do research and activism for better policies and better implementation of public service delivery in three thematic areas: agriculture for food; health; and land tenure, including land rights for smallholder farmers.

As we advocate for healthy and dignified lives in Uganda, in all of our work and with all whom we work, we are unwavering and uncompromising in ensuring our organisational values – honesty, transparency, accountability, team work and being result oriented are adhered to.

We are on a mission, through training and mentoring, to ensure that households in rural Uganda ably meet the basic needs of their members through enhanced livelihoods; access to health care, clean water, sufficient and nutritious food.