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CPAR Uganda has a proven record of decades of years contributing to improving well-being of people and communities of greater northern Uganda, first, from 1992 to September 2008, as a Country Programme of the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR). And from 8th October 2008 to date, as an independent Ugandan organisation. In 2008, in the interest of longer-term sustainability, CPAR indigenised its Uganda Country Programme and bequeathed it to its Uganda Country Advisory Committee (CAC) at the time, all Ugandans of distinguished service, expertise and moral character.

They include:

  • Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok
  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Garimoi Orach
  • Mr. Alex Bwangamoi Okello
  • Ms. Judy Adoko
  • Justice Stella Arach Amoko
  • Prof. Fred Opio Ekong (RIP).

On 8th October 2008, the CPAR Uganda CAC formally transformed into the founder members of CPAR Uganda Ltd and they legalized in Uganda their new independent organisation by incorporating it with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau as a not-for-profit body, a company limited by guarantee, without share capital. Read more about CPAR Uganda founders here.

In its legal identity is stipulated the fact that:

There are no “pecuniary gains or profit to the members of CPAR Uganda nor to any other person. No member of CPAR Uganda shall have any proprietary or profit interest therein.”

CPAR Uganda Memorandum of Association

The Members

The members of CPAR Uganda, especially so, its Board of Directors, regularly and often voluntarily provide their time and expertise free of charge. In many instances, in addition, they incur financial costs doing so. They also make financial contributions to facilitate the organisation’s work. Whenever needed, the expertise and experience of our founder members, as well as of other CPAR Uganda members current and future will be available.

The Secretariat

CPAR Uganda has the requisite expertise and respect, which enables it to attract full-time paid members of staff for the execution of its actions. Funding permitting, for each intervention, in addition to its core administrators, CPAR Uganda will recruit other technical full-time paid staff.

The physical asset base of CPAR Uganda, with a book value of over 500 million shillings, is comprised of land and buildings in Gulu, Pader, Oyam and Lira; vehicles; assorted office equipment and furniture; and assorted field equipment. Read more here.

The Programmes

Programmatically, CPAR Uganda holds a vision that people of greater northern Uganda – West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Teso, Karamoja and Bukedi – are able to meet their basic and genuine needs through their own self-reliant participatory efforts.

Since, the majority of Uganda’s population is younger than 30 years of age, CPAR Uganda’s mission is to train and mentor young people of greater northern Uganda to possess an attitude of self-reliance, and the requisite will and skill to innovate and to initiate interventions that cause positive change in their respective communities