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  • Optimistically Planning Post COVID-19 Recovery

    Optimistically Planning Post COVID-19 Recovery

    Yesterday, Monday, 23rd November 2020, Owomugisha texted me through Facebook Messenger. “Because of knowing you I am a happy owner of 70 turkeys, which I would not have bought without your connection. I even have ducks clucking away. Last week I harvested 5 acres of Hibiscus. All this I did during the COVID-19 period. I…

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  • GlobalGiving has approved CPAR Uganda Ltd’s due diligence renewal 2020

    GlobalGiving has approved CPAR Uganda Ltd’s due diligence renewal 2020

    Yesterday, 28th September 2020, the GlobalGiving Team notified us thus: “We have approved CPAR Uganda Ltd’s due diligence renewal. CPAR Uganda Ltd can continue to fundraise on the GlobalGiving platform, receive a GlobalGiving and/or participate in a funding partner giving program.” The GlobalGiving Team To learn more about our work which is being supported through…

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  • ‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

    ‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

    Our Innovators, you adults whom we are mentoring under our project: “MENTORING YOUNG ADULTS INTO INNOVATORS AGAINST POVERTY”, are busy innovating and transforming our Lira Centre into a vibrant learning centre that may actually become self-sustaining in the longer-term. Enon’s FOODS IN LAWNS PROJECT is one such excellent project that our innovators have come up…

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  • Bency’s Attitude for Surviving COVID-19

    Bency’s Attitude for Surviving COVID-19

    We, at CPAR Uganda, are in awe of Bency’s tenacity and are inspired by her. Utilizing donations given to us, we have thus decided to provide a grant to Bency of the minimum capital that she requires to rebuild and re-establish her business. In addition to the small financial grant we are giving to Bency,…

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  • Thank You GlobalGiving

    Thank You GlobalGiving

    “Congratulations! Your organization has been selected to receive a $1,000 microgrant from GlobalGiving. This is an unrestricted donation to your organization, so please use it any way that will help your team and community weather the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Miranda, Paige and the GlobalGiving Team This came through today via email and we…

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  • The Woman in Me

    The Woman in Me

    Adongo is a poor rural woman who lives in Alebtong District. Early every morning, she wakes up at 5:00 a.m. with her children to dig in their family garden rich with beans, cassava, abuga, and boyo. She does so in order to provide food for her family. Her dominant husband always comes around to supervise…

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  • CPAR Uganda among GlobalGiving top-ranked

    CPAR Uganda among GlobalGiving top-ranked

    Thank you GlobalGiving for vetting and verifying us at CPAR Uganda, concluding that we are a top ranked and effective organisation and with good standing. Thank you GlobalGiving for enabling us to continue with our journey. We are nourished with knowledge and skills that have emboldened us to stay focused on our online fundraising efforts…

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  • CPAR Uganda a GlobalGiving partner in good standing

    CPAR Uganda a GlobalGiving partner in good standing

    Thank you for hosting a GlobalGiving Field team member at CPAR Uganda Ltd this year! GlobalGiving’s site visits are an important part of our work, and our team is always so excited to be able to meet, support, and learn from our nonprofit partners in-person. We appreciate your taking time from your important work to meet with…

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