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Research – determinants of TB detection & treatment

CPAR Uganda Ltd is interested in exploring the social cultural determinants of decisions at household level in Uganda that facilitate quick detection and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) or that delay the detection of TB.

In essence, CPAR Uganda is interested in enabling quick and timely treatment for household members that are afflicted with TB.

  • How are household-level decisions contributing to access and completion of TB treatment or not?
  • How are household-level decisions contributing to development of multi-drug-resistant TB, extensively drug-resistant TB and totally drug-resistant TB, on grounds of TB patients’ failure to complete treatment for whatever reason?
  • What are the economic, as well as cultural drivers, of household decision making in relation to TB?

CPAR Uganda is interested to research these and many other similar questions and it is convinced that its study shall contribute to a deeper understanding of how material poverty and also seeming poverty of the mind impact on the fight against TB.

Post image credit: Boston University Department of Infectious Diseases Tuberculosis Unit.

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